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Our insurance claims service refers to personal insurances including Life Insurance, Total & Permanent disability, Trauma or Crisis and Income Protection. We do not provide this service for general insurance (Motor Vehicle, Home & Contents).

The premature death of a loved one or losing your ability to work due to an accident or sickness is traumatic. Navigating a complex insurance claims process at the most difficult time in your life is extremely stressful. Craig is experienced within the personal insurance industry and has assisted many clients with successful claims over the years.

Seeking professional advice to lodge your claim may be critical to ensure you receive what you are entitled, within a reasonable timeframe.

“It’s so important to get professional help with personal insurance claims, I can’t stress this enough, especially if policies are owned by Super funds or other entities. Claiming your benefits is one hurdle, getting the right strategic advice after receiving your benefits is another.” Craig.

Craig welcomes a call for an initial assessment to determine if you have a claim and map out a stepped plan to allow informed decisions.

Our fees depend on the complexity of your claim and may consist of an initial engagement fee and an hourly rate based only on time spent liaising your case. HQBFS DOES NOT CHARGE A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR ENTITLMENT.

We welcome your call to arrange an initial consultation.

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