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When it comes to investing, it is vital you consider the following key points:

  • How long are you able to invest before funds are required.
  • What level of risk or volatility (if any) can you tolerate.
  • Identify and discuss your expectations.
  • Identify which assets are best suited to achieve your objectives.

These 4 points should be at the heart of any investment decision which extends to your Superannuation and retirement portfolio.

It is important to note as Advisers, our key role is to help identify your objectives and guide you to the most appropriate structure and strategy to give you the best opportunity for success. It would be unacceptable for your Financial Adviser or Broker to promise an outcome or guarantee a better financial return.

At HQB Financial Solutions, we are passionate about investing and believe every Australian should have short, medium and long term investment goals.

It is our objective to guide you through the confusion and allow you to make confident informed decisions.

The RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) publishes an excellent chart pack monthly which has great visuals of the Australian and Global economy.

Chart Pack

For further information on investing see ASIC’s Money Smart investment section for an overview on different investment options and assets.


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