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Time to get serious about your wealth management

The 2018 financial year is now a thing of the past. It’s a great time to address the future and get your wealth management on track. Life just keeps on getting more and more hectic with work and family commitments always a first priority. Funding lifestyle now and into the future efficiently often doesn’t get much attention.

How long has it been since you seriously looked at your financial situation? Craig at HQB Financial Solutions asks this question often and regularly gets a disturbing response. Some triggers to take action likely includes the following.

  • I feel like I’m spinning my wheels getting no where!
  • I earn good money but where has it gone!
  • Would not have a clue about my Super fund or even if my employer is contributing.
  • I have letters and statements at home I haven’t opened for 6 months!
  • Why can’t I seem to save anything!
  • I am really worries about my financial future and retirement.

If you can relate to some or all of these comments than you should consider addressing your wealth management now. The great news is it’s never to late. Below are some suggestions Craig at HQB Financial Solutions recommends to get you started. Contact Craig here

Take Stock

This process involves gathering all your information and finances in one place. Take the time to contact your insurance and Superannuation companies, utility providers and financial institutions. You may be surprised what you find out! This is known as a current position.

Home Filing System

It’s nice to be organised. When you receive a bill or statement have a place for it. This can be a paper filing system or perhaps computer based system using a cloud drive or hard drive to store all your financial information. Once you have your preference up and running, you are well placed to either make some changes of your own or seek advice.

Family Involvement 

Financial discussions should be no secret around the home, nor should it be a single family members sole responsibility. Organising a regular family meeting may sound a bit old school but highly effective in resolving wealth management indecision and dealing with matters which may have been swept under the rug for far to long. Involving the kids is very effective in teaching the value of money and making sound financial decisions themselves.

Craig at HQBFS can put together strategic advice covering you whole family situation. Give craig a call now on 66993649.

Well on your way

Once you have your system in place, you are ready to take action and create the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an amazing feeling to have something to look forward too and knowing your hard work is paying off toward your ultimate goal.

For more information, check out HQB Financial Solutions services here.


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