Centrelink Help Avoiding The Frustration

Centrelink Help. Benefit applications and updates

Many Centrelink benefit recipients find applying and updating information a frustrating experience. This has escalated recently with the move to online services being Government agencies preferred method. Getting hold of quick Centrelink help may seem impossible.

Craig at HQB Financial Solutions understands Centrelink help may be hard and frustrating to find. If you are continually experiencing  problems, contact Craig here.

To aid the process, we’ve put together steps involved in applying or updating information. This is separated as follows.

  1. People with email and mobile phone ability.
  2. People with no email / computer access.

Email and mobile phone ability.

Step 1 – MyGov account set up

MyGov is a one stop point where multiple Government portals may be linked and accessed. These include Centrelink, Medicare, ATO and Department of Veteran affairs (DVA). A MyGov account must be set up first.

  • Go to MyGov
  • At the bottom of the screen, click “create an account”
  • Follow instructions.
  • Note: MyGov will ask you to enter 3 security questions either from a pre-populated list or custom made. Make sure answers can be easily remembered.
  • You also have the option for a code to be sent to a mobile phone which is required every time you log in.

You will need access to email and your mobile phone. Record your new MyGov login and password.

Step 2 – Get a Centrelink Reference Number (CRN)

If a CRN number is already held, this step may be skipped however it may still be necessary to be identified by a Centrelink officer. This will be requested.

  • Attend a Centrelink office. Best times are mid morning or mid afternoon. Allow 1 hour.
  • Take your MyGov login, password and appropriate identification.
  • You are asking for a CRN number. In some cases, the Centrelink officer will Link your MyGov account to Centrelink for you. In this case, continue to step 4.
  • If you are issued with a “linking code”, continue to Step 3

Step 3 – Link Centrelink CRN to MyGov

This allows you access to your Centrelink account via MyGov. For this to be successful, the system will identify you through a series of questions.

  • Log into MyGov
  • Click on “link new service” and select Centrelink
  • You can either do this via your CRN or a “linking code” if provided in step 2
  • Once complete, you will see a large Centrelink icon displayed when you login to MyGov.

Step 4 – All set

You now should have access to your Centrelink portal via MyGov. You can perform the following.

  • Check correspondence via the inbox
  • Check and update your income and assets
  • Upload documents
  • Apply for benefits / concession cards.

Download full document HQBFS Centrelink Steps

Centrelink Help

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