Retirement Planning

Effective Retirement Planning helps create a carefree retirement

It’s all too easy to ignore retirement planning, especially when you’re young. For a lot of people, retirement is a vague concept that’ll sort itself out. Consequently, folks often ignore the inevitable until it can be too late to form a reasonable retirement plan.  At HQB Financial Solutions, we’ll help you create a suitable retirement strategy to ensure you can meet your retirement expectations. After all, you’ve worked hard to gain what you have. Therefore, knowing you have enough for a long retirement means you can look forward with excitement.

Ask these questions to create a plan

Everyone’s retirement plan is different because everyone has different circumstances and aspirations. That’s why, at HQBFS, every retirement plan is unique and specifically tailored to your personal situation. To begin creating that plan, here are some valuable questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Will I or do I have enough superannuation?
  • Are my super contributions or investments sufficient to get me there?
  • When is the right time to retire?
  • What investments should I be investing in to provide sufficient income in retirement?
  • Am I saving enough?
  • How much do I need in retirement?
  • If I sell my business and assets will I have a big tax bill?

In short, retirement requires preparation and it’s essential to plan accordingly. This may be several years or more away and may involve a number of key actions to be executed. These may be a business sale, reducing working hours or selling assets. Rest assured, with HQB Financial Solutions onboard, we’ll ensure all the details are in place. Equally important, we’ll work closely with your accountant and/or legal professional every step of the way.

Retirement Planning is important, contact us at HQB Financial Solutions and secure your future today.

For further information and calculators follow the links below to ASIC’s Money smart web site.

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